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    With Telehealth, patients can use a computer or mobile device to access health care services remotely and manage health care needs. An online patient portal allows patients to see test results, schedule appointments, request prescription refills or email a doctor.

    Telehealth allows a patient to discuss symptoms, medical issues, and more with a healthcare provider in real-time via a video call. Using telemedicine, a patient can receive a diagnosis, learn their treatment options, and get a prescription. TELEHEALTH IS PRIVATE, SECURE AND HIPAA COMPLIANT

    Watch the getting started video to learn how you can visit with your healthcare provider from the comfort of your own home.

    If you are a new patient, please click here.

    Click here to access the Patient Portal.

    Click here for step by step instructions on accessing Telehealth.

    Notes on Patient Visit Etiquette for Telehealth

    • Take the virtual clinic visit in a quiet room and private environment to ensure sensitive information is not shared with unauthorized people.
    • Make sure you are in a well-lit room so the provider can clearly see you.
    • Wear the same attire you would wear to an in-person clinic visit.
    • Please refrain from eating and drinking during the visit.

    General questions

    • What browsers are compatible?

      Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari are compatible with Java Runtime environment installed. If you are having trouble entering your visit, please try with a 32-bit browser.

    • Can I view my TeleVisit after my appointment?

      No, TeleVisits are not recorded.

    • What type of internet speed is recommended?

      We recommend connecting to your Healow TeleVisit with an internet connection that has a minimum 2MB/s download speed.

    • I am experiencing slowness while in the visit. How can I resolve this?

      Internet issues on either you or the provider’s end could cause intermittent lag/freezing during the visit

    • I just ended the session with my provider and forgot to mention something, can I call him back?

      The best way to contact your provider after the session has ended is to call the office directly. Even if the TeleVisit is viewable on your patient portal, your provider may not see that you have rejoined the session.

    Before The Visit

    • How do I know if my system can handle TeleVisits?

      Ensure you have the latest version of your browser installed. Please click (link to compatibility check) to take your system through our compatibility check. The compatibility check will ensure you have what you need for your Healow TeleVisit.

    • Where is my appointment located?

      The latest Healow TeleVisit appointment will be available on the dashboard screen once you login. If you still do not see your appointment, click the “More appointments” button on the bottom of the widget, or click the “Upcoming Appointments” link on the left navigation panel.

    • I can’t see any images in my Healow TeleVisit. What can I do to try to fix the problem?

      Begin by trying to right click on the image and selecting another camera. If this does not work, close all browser windows, check physical connections to the computer, and try the TeleVisit again. Go through compatibility check.

    checking compatibility

    • I have already downloaded Healow-TV plugin, but I am still being prompted to install it again.

      Close all browser windows and check the version of Java you have installed. If you are on a Windows computer, navigate to the control panel, and search for Java. Click Java/the Update tab/Click Update Now and follow the displayed prompts. Restart all browsers and try again.
      For Mac computers, click on the Apple Icon on the upper left screen, go to System Preferences, click on the Java Icon to access the Java Control Panel to update Java. Please close all browsers and try again.

    • It is well past my appointment time and have yet to connect with my doctor. What can I do?

      Ensure you are in the virtual waiting room prompt will display “Waiting for (Doctors Name).” If you see this message and still cannot connect, please contact the office that scheduled your appointment.

    • I can’t enter the virtual waiting room

      You will only be able to enter the waiting room for your TeleVisit once you are within 30 minutes of your scheduled time. The “Start TeleVisit” button will appear orange when you can join the visit.

    During the video call

    • I can’t hear my doctor. What can I do?

      Check your volume settings. Most machines have the volume settings in the task bar.

    • My video has frozen or is not moving.

      There may be a momentary loss of internet connection. Please wait and see if the video stabilizes. Also, ensure you have not clicked the pause button on your visit.

    • My TeleVisit was disconnected due to an outage. How do I log back into my TeleVisit?

      Please log back into the patient portal and rejoin your TeleVisit. If your provider does not appear, please call the doctor’s office and inform them you have reentered the session.

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