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  • HIV Prevention in Columbia, SC

    At CAN Community Health, we have over 26 years of experience meeting the health needs of the Columbia, SC, community. If you are at risk of contact with HIV, consider PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis). In addition to safe sex practices, this HIV prevention pill is a key step in keeping you healthy.

    Visit us in Columbia, SC, to learn more about HIV prevention.

    HIV Prevention Pills

    We are dedicated to providing specialized care and treatment to those living with HIV infection. You can take steps to prevent HIV by visiting us for free testing and access to an effective HIV prevention pill. Taken once daily, this medication can prevent an HIV infection from spreading if you are exposed to it.

    Our priority is to provide patients with the care they need to continue living a fulfilling life. The staff at each of our locations is compassionate and happy to answer any questions that you have about PrEP or our other services.

    Take charge of your health with the help of an HIV prevention pill from CAN Community Health. If you live near Columbia, SC, and you are concerned about coming into contact with HIV, schedule an appointment at our clinic to learn how we can help. Call 844-922-2777 today.

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