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    HIV Prevention in Pensacola, FL

    HIV prevention pills, better known as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), can prevent you from contracting HIV. According to the Center for Disease Control, PrEP treatment will reduce your risk of HIV infection through sex by 99% and through injection drug use by 74%. PrEP pills work, and they can keep you safe.

    If you are at risk for HIV, give yourself peace of mind with an HIV prevention pill offered by CAN Community Health in Pensacola, FL. Learn more about if PrEP is right for you.

    How Does PrEP Work?

    PrEP works as HIV prevention because it prevents the HIV virus from replicating and spreading throughout your body. When you take PrEP pills daily as prescribed, the medicine will be at its most potent to protect you from HIV.

    How long PrEP takes to reach full effectiveness depends on the type of sex you may have. For anal sex, PrEP will take a minimum of seven days of daily usage to reach effectiveness, while with vaginal sex, it takes at least twenty days.

    Protect your health with PrEP pills from CAN Community Health.

    How Does CAN Community Health Help?

    At CAN Community Health, we provide PrEP medication to help you stay safe and healthy. If you aren’t sure if you can afford the medication, please don’t worry. We help get you the essential medication you need even if you don’t have insurance.

    To learn more about our PrEP services, please contact us.

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