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    • What does it mean to be tested anonymously?

      Anonymous testing means that no names or addresses are used.

    • What does it mean to be tested confidentially?

      Confidential testing means that your name and other identifying information will be attached to your test results. The results will go in your medical record and may be shared with your healthcare providers. Otherwise, the results are protected by State and Federal privacy laws.

    • How does the service work?

      The clinic offers free anonymous and confidential HIV testing in our facilities and conducts outreach testing in the community. Trained counselors and testers use a simple and quick test that involves a blood draw or a finger stick (blood) collection (Sure Check or Alere Determine) rapid testing.

    • How do I get the results?

      Blood Draw
      • Testing normally takes two weeks for the results to return. To get the results, simply present your proper identification. No results will be given without proper identification. For anonymous testing just present the green slip provided to you at initial testing.
      Sure Check and Alere Determine Rapid Testing
      • Test results are given 15-20 min (pending on testing method used) after the sample is collected.
      • Rapid testing cannot be performed anonymously
      All testing is done in conjunction with counseling. Results will not be given via the telephone.

    • Does CAN Community Health offer HIV test kits in my State?

      Currently CAN Community Health offers FREE at home HIV test kits in Arizona, Florida and South Carolina only.
      Please visit for more information.

    go You can learn more about HIV testing by visiting The National Institute of Health's website.
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