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    CAN Community Health has developed diverse sources of funding in order to maximize our ability to impact our community while maintaining a stable organization. Sources of government funding include:

    CAN Community Health receives funds through grants from the federal and state governments, donations, special events, insurance companies (for services performed) and 340B pharmacies that provide funding for our programs.

    • Federal Funding through Ryan White, HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS), and prevention programs
    • State of Florida Funding through the state Medicaid programs
    • Local Funding through donations and grants
    • Funding through HIP (High Impact Prevention) and HPC (Health Planning Council)

    The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Patient Care Programs

    The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Patient Care Programs are the largest Federal programs focused exclusively on HIV/AIDS care. The programs are for individuals living with HIV/AIDS who have no health insurance (public or private), have insufficient health care coverage, have no Medicaid or Medicare coverage or lack financial resources to get the care they need for their HIV disease. In short, Ryan White HIV/AIDS assistance fills gaps in care not covered by other funding sources. HIV/AIDS Patient Care Programs are based on eligibility and are not entitlement programs. Meeting eligibility requirements is a prerequisite for enrollment.

    CAN Community Health centers currently provide services under Part B of the Patient Care Programs which include the following:

    • HIV-related medical and primary care
    • Oral health care
    • Mental health care Assistance with health insurance (premiums, co-pays)
    • Prescription co-pay assistance
    • State Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Program (HOPWA)
    • Comprehensive and Supportive Case Management

    Case management can help with patient assistance for HIV medications from the drug companies. Eligibility Requirements.

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