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  • Demetrius K. Jifunza-Chairman

    Demetrius Jifunza serves as N.A.A.C.P. Vice President of the Sarasota branch, and Sr. Pastor at Mt. Olive CME Church in Arcadia, FL.

    As a member of Sarasota United for Responsibility and Equity (S.U.R.E.), Demetrius works with community leaders and public officials to correct inequities in the Sarasota community that affect the poor, under-served and disadvantaged. This faith based, social justice organization, combines approximately 17 congregations of various backgrounds, working to have a voice regarding issues that have a major effect on the community with a goal of developing realistic solutions. They have tackled such issues as school arrest, homelessness and mental health, with efforts to make educating and spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS a topic.

    Actively participating in volunteer work with the Sarasota Sheriff’s office, Demetrius is participating in an ongoing 4-year strategic plan relating to the incorporation of president Obama’s task force on 21st century policing. Rev. Jifunza is also the Director of Social Justice & Human Concern for the Florida Region under the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

    “What we do today becomes the history of tomorrow’s generation. The topic of HIV awareness is a subject many try to avoid for many reasons – mostly out of fear,” states Jifunza. “I honestly think CAN is a great instrument of education and the perfect vehicle to bring awareness to all communities.”

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