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  • Michael Cuffage

    Originally from the Washington DC area, Michael has been a resident of Sarasota county since 1982. Michael lives with his wife on Duck Key in south Sarasota County and enjoys spending his leisure time with his 7 grandchildren.

    Michael is retired and had successful careers in the Finance/Accounting, Information Systems, Medical, Not-For-Profit, and Sales industries. Michael’s last position before retiring was as the President and CEO of CAN Community Health, a Not-for-Profit HIV and Medical clinic. During his tenure as CEO, Michael established the 340b pharmacy program and created the business models that allowed to organization to grow sixty fold and continue growing after he retired for medical reasons. Over the course of his careers Michael held positions including Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer, General and Technical Sales Manager, and Network and Software Systems Engineer.

    Michael has over 21 years of parliamentary procedure experience and has served with distinction on Boards and Committees (including finance, budget, strategic planning, federal audit, fundraising, and event planning). Michael’s educational background includes, accounting, finance, information systems (network and software) business administration, financial planning, electronics, and graphic arts.

    Michael currently serves as a volunteer in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary as the Staff Officer in charge of Finance. Michael also serves as a volunteer committee member for Empowerment SRQ, and on the Duck Key Owners Association Board of Directors as Vice President and Treasurer.  Michael enjoys Boating, Golf, Movies, Music, Trivia, Cooking, and of course —–telling jokes!

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