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June 6th, 2017
Suncoast Man Inspires With His Transition Story
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Report by Nicole Sommavilla at SNN- A Suncoast man is sharing his transition story hoping to help others. (Mason Fitzpatrick was formerly a Prevention Specialist at CAN Community Health) “The only way that I can explain it is living 24 years and feeling like my entire body was chained to the ground, that no matter …read more

May 23rd, 2017
HIV Disparities in the South
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Richard Wolitski, Ph.D., Director, Office of HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Policy U.S. Department of Health and Human Services- Why did it take us so long to focus our attention on the disparities experienced in the South? Was it that AIDS was first identified in big cities on the east and west coasts—Los Angeles, San Francisco, …read more

May 11th, 2017
Hepatitis C is Spiking Among Young People
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Report by Alexandra Sifferlin at Time Health- Cases of hepatitis C in the United States have nearly tripled within a five-year period, reaching a new 15-year high of around 34,000 new hepatitis C infections in 2015, federal health officials reported. Experts attribute the higher rates to more injection drug use during the ongoing opioid epidemic. The new report from the …read more

April 10th, 2017
Many baby boomers don’t know they have Hep C until liver deteriorates
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Report by Scott Kraus at The Morning Call (Contact Reporter)- Three years ago, the outlook changed dramatically for patients with hepatitis C. Until 2014, a hepatitis C diagnosis meant a slow decline into cirrhosis, possibly liver cancer.  There was a treatment — a six to 18-month regimen of weekly interferon injections and daily doses of ribavirin pills that left …read more

March 31st, 2017
Positive Women’s Network and HIV Activists Rally at the Capitol
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(Article by PWN-USA) Earlier this week, over 600 advocates from 34 states and the District of Columbia descended upon Capitol Hill for the largest AIDSWatch yet; Positive Women’s Network – USA (PWN-USA) still made its mark. About 50 PWN-USA members participated in AIDSWatch 2017, some for the very first time, and some who have been coming …read more

January 11th, 2017
HIV Injection Treatments Are Gaining Ground
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Report by Alix Redmonde, ABC7- Actor Charlie Sheen recently revealed that an injectable drug has rendered his HIV viral load undetectable. CAN Community Health’s Medical Director Tanya Schreibman M.D. explained how injectable medicines now offer options and hope for qualifying people with HIV, and of a phase three clinical trial that CAN is recruiting patients …read more