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CAN Announces the Opening of New Pharmacy Locations

Sarasota, Florida (June 7, 2018) – CAN Community Health is proud to announce the opening of three new on-site pharmacy locations.  The pharmacies will be located in CAN clinics across Florida in Clearwater, Jacksonville, and Plantation and will be open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

“The new on-site pharmacies will allow our clients to reach affordable care and prescriptions in a way that is convenient and easy for them,” said CAN Community Health’s President and CEO, Richard Carlisle. “Everyone at CAN is excited for this major step forward for our clients and community.  We are proud to help further the health and support that we provide to our community.”

In addition to being able to seek out clinical treatment at CAN Community Health locations, clients will have easy and immediate one-stop access to their prescriptions.  Clients can also obtain refill requests through the “CAN Community Health Pharmacy” app and make arrangements for free delivery.  CAN has been serving the HIV community for over 26 years and is eager to expand the company in a way that benefits clients.

Rishi Patel, CAN’s Chief Pharmacy Officer, comments on the pharmacy openings, “For many years CAN has been known to provide excellent patient and health care services.  Now, we can incorporate pharmacy services along with these services.  We are excited to open our pharmacies and bring the personalized care our patients and clients needs.”

For scheduling or to find out more information about our pharmacies, please call (844) 370-6204 or click here.